▪Vortex Air – To help improve cooling performance, our patented Shark Teeth design helps channel the air into a concentrated stream for more powerful air flow.

▪Silence – Special grooves carved into the fan blades help reduce noise levels up to ten percent!

▪Sync RGB – By plugging the HURRICANE RGB fan into a RGB-compatible motherboard, lighting and fan speed can be controlled directly, without the need for additional hardware.

▪Cylindrical Lightning – More light is better. With a frame made of acrylic material, the RGB lighting is spread all throughout the fan’s frame, giving a clean, uniform look.

Model Number FNAZ-12RGB-B/FNAZ-12RGB-W
Rated Voltage 12V
Fan Speed 800-1800 RPM
Max. Air Pressure 1.79 mm-H2O
Max. Air Flow 56.12 CFM
Max. Noise Level 29.8 dB(A)
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Life expectation 60,000 hrs,40℃
Connector 4-PIN PWM
4-PIN RGB: Male & Female
Fan Dimension(HxWxD) 120x120x25mm
Weight 200g
Color 16.8M color


  • Cylindrical Lighting
    Instead of a tiny ring of light,why not light up the whole thing?
    With a frame constructed of acrylic material, the HURRICANE RGB fan allows for RGB lightning to illuminate evenly throughout the entire frame, giving you a clean RGB aesthetic.

  • Silence
    The HURRICANE RGB sports many small grooves all throughout its fan blades. This helps decrease the noise level of the fan, going so far as to reduce the dBA up to 10%!

  • Sync RGB
    The HURRICANE RGB can connect to and communicate directly with RGB-compatible motherboards,eliminating the need for a control box to act as a middleman.
    Using your motherboard’s own fan control software, users can change and customize the lighting and fan speedof the HURRICANE RGB fan to suit their needs.

  • Vortex Air
    In order to improve cooling performance, the HURRICANE RGB implements our patented Shark Teeth technology.
    Equipped with several protrusions on the exhaust face of the fan, the HURRICANE RGB is able to redirect and channel the airflow into a more concentrated stream to satisfy all your cooling needs.

  • LUMI box and software
    OurLUMI control box acts as a control center for all of our RGB peripherals, such as the HURRICANE RGB fan, RGB light strips, and the RGB lighting board.
    The LUMI allows you to customize and control the RGB lighting to your heart’s desire through a mobile app interface.
    The LUMI mobile app is available for download free of charge for Android and iOS devices.

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